All About B-A-R

Welcome, welcome. If you are a Blogger , you’ve come to the right place.

Here, in a nutshell, is what Blog-A-Rhythm is all about. Do click the links to read. We are very glad to have you here and welcome you with open arms.

Introduction: Why Blog-A-Rhythm? 

The Members of B-A-R


Weekly Sharing Linkup 

Every Sunday, a linkup will open where you are welcome to add your links and visit other bloggers in the linkup. Linkup stays open till the following Saturday. Drop a comment if it pleases you, share if the post resonates with you and hey, follow the blog if it really touches a chord. We’re easy-going that way. No compulsion 😉

What our Blog Visits include

Each blogger is requested to visit at least 2 links from the linkup. Yep. Two links, you read that right. Once you have read, leave a comment on the blog and share it on social media, if you can.

*Note that we say ‘At Least‘. On a day when time permits, you may of course visit more. No problems at all 🙂

*If you are unable to comment on the blog (issues with G+ or Blogger comments etc), leave a comment on their Facebook page, where they would have shared the link.

Wordy Wednesday Prompt

Prompts will go up on each Wednesday on the blog and will have a linky tool. 100 words will be the requirement. Those who choose to write more are of course welcome to do so.

Here is the order of the prompts:

1st Wednesday: Word prompt

2nd Wednesday: Phrase prompt

3rd Wednesday: Sentence Prompt

4th Wednesday: Picture prompt

*5th Wednesday: Will be one of the above

All those who write to the prompts are invited to share your links to the linky tool 🙂

Blogger Focus

Periodically, we will pick one blogger from B-A-R to train the spotlight on.  We will have a set of standard questions which he/she will answer related to blogging/ their motivation and so on.

We felt this would be a good way to know the person/ the face behind the blogger.


So, hope this answers your questions about B-A-R!

No? You have something you want to know?

Please drop us a line in the comments  and we will get back to you.