Link Up Opens & Featured member- Sid Balachandran

So we kick off our first weekly sharing linkup by featuring one of the faces behind B-A-R.


In his own words, Sid Balachandran has this to say: I am an engineer turned work-at-home Dad. Yes, I occupy a niche spot in society.  It was partly by choice and partly, well fate, I suppose. Anyway, it all worked out. So after almost 2 decades of education, two degrees and a decade of professional employment, I now write. When not running after my almost-three toddler son yelling out phrases like ‘Don’t touch that’, ‘Put that down!’ and much more. At times, I also try to convince people that I write stories that  are worth reading. And if opportunity does present itself, I will also try to tell you about my fatherhood escapades involving diapers, poop, projectile food attacks and ninja-sleeping positions. I also occasional write posts that some may term as light humour. You can find me brewing my various thoughts at:  I Wrote Those Here is Sid’s latest post: So you want kids?

One of his short stories, ‘The Message’ was recently published in an anthology of short stories, ‘Voices Old and New’ by Indireads. The copy is now available to download from Amazon or free for a limited time from the Indireads website:

Well, what Sid has not shared is that he is the one behind the fancy B-A-R member badge that you see in the sidebar here and also another badge that will be coming up next Wednesday. Oh yes! So, do pop over and say ‘Hi’ when you can. Sid would love to hear what you have to say. In the meanwhile, add your links to the blue frog below and stroll around to visit the other blogs. Linkup stays open till next Saturday, January 24th.

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Only new posts written any day from January 18th to January 24th can be added to the linkup.

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Have a good week, people.