Link Up Opens & Featured member- Beloo Mehra

Welcome back everyone to the weekly sharing linkup. Today, we are  featuring one of the most warm-hearted faces behind B-A-R. Please raise your glasses in a toast to:

Beloo Mehra  who blogs at Let Beauty Be your Constant Ideal


In her own words, Beloo has this to say:

Born and brought up in Delhi, worked as an Economics high school teacher and administrator for 5 years, decided to go for a few more fun years of student life in the US at the age of 26, got a piece of paper that allows me to use Dr. in front of my name.

I taught at a highly progressive Liberal Arts University for many years, returned to India seven years ago. I currently live in Pondicherry and enjoy an almost-retired life that allows me to do quite a bit of reading, some writing, some teaching, some gardening and a whole lot of reflecting on life, living, society, politics, religion, art, literature, India, the World, and everything else under the Sun and the Moon. I blog on things that are of interest to me (at the moment), but try to go deeper or behind the surface understanding of things, as much as I can, given my abilities at the moment.

My blog is inspired by a certain view of life and living, art and beauty, individual and society, nation and the world, and I try to stay true to that inspiration as much as I can. Having published several research papers, scholarly articles and chapters in various journals, books, magazines etc. in the past and using a more or less academic voice, I now enjoy expressing my thoughts and also thoughts that inspire me in varied forms on my blog.

I recently published a book on Indian Education, titled ABC’s of Indian National Education. More on the book and other topics and issues that interest me can be found on my blog

Here is Beloo’s recent post: BLEW

Beloo brings a certain warmth and depth to her posts which are a rare mix of knowledge, humility and spiritual focus. I am privileged to have met her through last year’s A-Z Challenge.

So, do pop over and say ‘Hi’ when you can. She would love to hear what you have to say.

In the meanwhile, add your links to the blue frog below and stroll around to visit the other blogs. Linkup stays open till next Saturday, February 14th.

Note: You only need to have a blog to add your links to this linkup 🙂

You do not need to be a B-A-R member 🙂

Only new posts written any day from February 8th to February 14th can be added to the linkup.

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Have a good week, people.


14 thoughts on “Link Up Opens & Featured member- Beloo Mehra

  1. Feels good to be featured here! If I may say so myself, I am quite impressed by the words you use Shailaja to describe my blog posts. How’s that for humility? 😉
    But seriously, thanks for this lovely ‘feature’ of me and my blog. Cheers, as I drink my morning lemon-honey water 🙂

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  2. So good see you featured here at BAR, Beloo! Agree with Shailaja, your posts have depth and knowledge. Reading your posts always leaves me with new insights and gains! All the very best for your book 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good to have met you virtually, Beloo. Although I have read only a couple of posts, I can safely concur with Shailaja’s description of your blog. All the best for your future endeavours!

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  4. It is my great pleasure to have meet you Beloo Mehra via B-A-R. You are very interesting person who speaks from the heart.Thank you Shailaja for sharing 🙂

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  5. Beloo you are one of the few bloggers whose posts truly resonate with my soul, So glad to have “met” you in cyberspace and hope that someday I will meet you in person. All the best for your book.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Suzy for your lovely words. Really means so much to hear this from you. I am also hopeful that we will meet someday in person 🙂 Thanks again for your kind wishes.


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