Wordy Wednesday #4 at B-A-R and #Blogging Tip

We warmly welcome you to Wordy Wednesday at Blog-A-Rhythm.

But first, your blogging tip from Blog-A-Rhythm:

As bloggers, we like to add pictures to our posts. All cool so far. But have you noticed how those pictures don’t show up when you share the post on social media such as Facebook or Google plus? It picks a random image from last year’s blogging challenge or an enlarged version of someone who left a comment on your blog instead. Yikes!

So here are two quick image guides for Facebook and Google+


Image courtesy : Postcron.com

Image courtesy : Postcron.com


Facebook, by default re-sizes every ‘featured’ image from your post to the dimensions of 377 x 197 pixels. To ensure the quality of the image, they also recommend that your original image size be 1200 x 627 pixels, which they will then compress to their ideal dimensions. The key thing to remember here is to ensure that your post has a ‘featured’ image uploaded. If not, Facebook will randomly choose images from your blog post.

Google Plus

Image courtesy : Postcron.com

Image courtesy : Postcron.com

GooglePlus works slightly differently. G+, by default, resizes your featured image to the dimensions 150 x 150 px, so as to fit well into their two/three column ‘newsfeed’ layout. So ideally if you have a ‘square’ shaped image, it should be compressed well.

This Week: Phrase Prompt

Love for all seasons

This week’s prompt comes from not one but three B-A-R members:

Shalini Nair,Sulekha Rawat and Sheethal Susan Jacob.

Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt.

As a twist, use the prompt to write something unexpected about Love.

You heard us 🙂

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