An @AprilA2Z tribute from Veterans

Hey everyone! It’s the 14th of February! AH, the sweet scent of roses, the fragrance of chocolates and the plushness of teddy-bears fill the air.


There’s enough of that going around, so let’s do something different, shall we?

Contrary to what you may be thinking though, we thought we should share some Blog love out here.  A-Z is coming up very very soon.



Have you signed up your blog/s yet? Well, here are some brave souls who have done it last year. Why don’t we listen in to what they have to say? If you are still on the fence, this may change your mind 🙂

The Veterans

Beloo Mehra

Name of your blog: Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal
Link to your A-Z posts of previous years:

While writing on Indian Education during A-Z-2014 I experienced a quiet rush of creativity that was very fulfilling. In a way writing became a means to clarify my own thinking. Readers’ encouraging words provided additional motivation. And today, the outcome is a book that I happily call “ABC’s of Indian National Education.”

Inderpreet Kaur Uppal

Name of your blog: Eloquent Articulation

Link to your A-Z posts of previous years

The A to Z was a turning point as it requires preparation, discipline, initiative and a go-getter attitude. It is not just about writing a blog post on an alphabet & trying to read other posts but also connecting to a theme & posts that connect with your audience.

Usha Menon

Name of your blog: Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha
Link to your A-Z posts of previous years:

Last year I took up the A to Z challenge. It was my first attempt. In the beginning I was apprehensive and was inspired by friends. I decided to take the plunge. My theme was ‘festivals of India’. It is all about discipline and regularity.

Rajlakshmi H Boruah

Name of your blogs:

30 days, 3 blogs, 90 posts – last April was the most exciting blogging month when the motivation was at its zenith and I managed to write non-stop. Best part was socialising with fellow bloggers. This year I am planning to write better and make few more wonderful blogger friends

Tulika Singh

Name of your blog: ObsessiveMom

Link to your A-Z posts of previous yearsA-Z posts 2014

– Schedule all posts. If you can’t, at least have the topics for each day so you know what to write about.
– Having a theme helps because you know where to look for your topics.
– Keep the posts short – preferably under 500 words.
– Visit, comment and bookmark blogs. Sort them later. (Point no 3 doesn’t apply to brilliant people like Beloo Mehra.)

Sanch Living Life

Name of your blog: Living my Imperfect Life

Link to your A-Z posts of previous yearsA-Z posts 2014

I enjoyed the challenge but also found it overwhelming as I hadn’t scheduled all my posts. Consequently, I had little time to engage with other bloggers particularly when it came to replying to comments. I have learnt my lesson though and am already scheduling posts for this year. The best bit about April was finding so many new blogs, some of whom I still follow.

Debbie Doglady

Name of your blog: The Doglady’s Den

Link to your A-Z posts of previous yearsA-Z posts 2014

Second A-Z for me and I wrote some words of advice here:

I too found it a bit overwhelming, because only half the posts were written by April 1, plus I had to travel near the end, so there was less time to be online. This year, ALL posts will be pre-written and scheduled! Meeting people with different interests from all over the world is what makes this all worthwhile, not to mention the boost in viewership.

Aditi Kaushiva

Name of your blog: Life is a Journey

A-Z posts – removed from blog. Available in eBook. Theme reveal, reflection and eBook link here

The adrenaline rush of daily writing, connecting/networking with fabulous bloggers during AprilA-Z2014 helped test my capabilities, and gave me the courage to try my hand at self publishing.
– Schedule posts! ( I couldn’t 😉 )
– If falling behind, use Sunday wisely
– Bookmark blogs/ network daily
– Have a support group

Shilpa Garg

Name of your blog: A rose is a rose is a rose

A to Z Challenge 2014 :
A to Z Challenge 2013 :

This will be my third A to Z Challenge. I love taking part in this virtual community event because of the camaraderie. The support from fellow bloggers and fun of flocking at each other’s blog is simply amazing. It’s a great event to network too. It is fascinating to discover new styles, new perspectives and newer like minded virtual friends from various fields, countries and expertise.

Suzy Que

Name of your blog: Someday Somewhere

2014 posts:
2013 posts:

Enjoyed the interaction, the support and motivation from bloggers and the challenge of writing everyday. This year will be my 3rd challenge. Discovering new blogs and getting to know bloggers was the highlight.


Sheethal Susan Jacob

Name of your blog: Scribblings

A to Z Challenge 2014
A to Z Challenge 2013

This will be my 3rd A-Z Challenge. Thou last year I couldn’t do till the last alphabet, all because of not scheduling anything, ‘m still looking forward. I love this one because of the non-stop interaction, finding new blogs, different genre of writing and some awesome bloggers who would make lifelong friends.


Nibha Gupta


I learned no matter how tough it gets, if we decide on something there is always a way to achieve what we want. Planning and executing those plan always help in challenges like this but sometimes we are bound to slip into the uncertainty and its completely ok! Most important is to have fun.



Shalini Nair

Name of your blog: Tale of  Two Tomatoes

A to Z 2K14:

Started Tomatoes as a Food blog, I enrolled for A-Z last year posting sumptuous Kerala food. Loved the adrenaline rush, frenzy and horror! 🙂 Received tremendous love and support, discovered new blogs, made amazing friends. This year, I enrolled my new cooking blog and is still wondering what to do with Tomatoes!


Sreeja Praveen

Name of my blog : The Alter Ego

For me, AtoZ was a new window to the blogosphere. I’d written two posts per day last year, One in a series, and One on a random basis. It was such a wonderful exercise for the brain, and helped me connect with many wonderful bloggers….This year, ah, it’s a suspense for me too !


Monica Deshpande

This will be my second A-Z Challenge. Having done it last year I can’t not do it again. It’s hard work but so worth it. My reflection post is here:
April ’14 was a month of fun, of discovering new friends and brilliant blogs, many of which I still follow. 2015, here I come. 🙂

Sfurti Sinha

Blog: Juztamom
A-Z 2014 posts:

A-Z 2014 brought me face to face with my biggest blogging fears, “writing and reading daily”. I wanted to experience it completely, with no draft posts and I am glad I did it. It was horrifyingly good like a rollercoaster. With the learnings in tow I am raring to go.


So, what did you think? Does this help you make up your mind?

These are bloggers like you and me. If you are a newbie to the A-Z, check back tomorrow  night to find out what the new bloggers doing A-Z this year for the first time ever(!) have to say.

Let’s do this together!


Wordy Wednesday #4 at B-A-R and #Blogging Tip

We warmly welcome you to Wordy Wednesday at Blog-A-Rhythm.

But first, your blogging tip from Blog-A-Rhythm:

As bloggers, we like to add pictures to our posts. All cool so far. But have you noticed how those pictures don’t show up when you share the post on social media such as Facebook or Google plus? It picks a random image from last year’s blogging challenge or an enlarged version of someone who left a comment on your blog instead. Yikes!

So here are two quick image guides for Facebook and Google+


Image courtesy :

Image courtesy :


Facebook, by default re-sizes every ‘featured’ image from your post to the dimensions of 377 x 197 pixels. To ensure the quality of the image, they also recommend that your original image size be 1200 x 627 pixels, which they will then compress to their ideal dimensions. The key thing to remember here is to ensure that your post has a ‘featured’ image uploaded. If not, Facebook will randomly choose images from your blog post.

Google Plus

Image courtesy :

Image courtesy :

GooglePlus works slightly differently. G+, by default, resizes your featured image to the dimensions 150 x 150 px, so as to fit well into their two/three column ‘newsfeed’ layout. So ideally if you have a ‘square’ shaped image, it should be compressed well.

This Week: Phrase Prompt

Love for all seasons

This week’s prompt comes from not one but three B-A-R members:

Shalini Nair,Sulekha Rawat and Sheethal Susan Jacob.

Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt.

As a twist, use the prompt to write something unexpected about Love.

You heard us 🙂

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Link Up Opens & Featured member- Beloo Mehra

Welcome back everyone to the weekly sharing linkup. Today, we are  featuring one of the most warm-hearted faces behind B-A-R. Please raise your glasses in a toast to:

Beloo Mehra  who blogs at Let Beauty Be your Constant Ideal


In her own words, Beloo has this to say:

Born and brought up in Delhi, worked as an Economics high school teacher and administrator for 5 years, decided to go for a few more fun years of student life in the US at the age of 26, got a piece of paper that allows me to use Dr. in front of my name.

I taught at a highly progressive Liberal Arts University for many years, returned to India seven years ago. I currently live in Pondicherry and enjoy an almost-retired life that allows me to do quite a bit of reading, some writing, some teaching, some gardening and a whole lot of reflecting on life, living, society, politics, religion, art, literature, India, the World, and everything else under the Sun and the Moon. I blog on things that are of interest to me (at the moment), but try to go deeper or behind the surface understanding of things, as much as I can, given my abilities at the moment.

My blog is inspired by a certain view of life and living, art and beauty, individual and society, nation and the world, and I try to stay true to that inspiration as much as I can. Having published several research papers, scholarly articles and chapters in various journals, books, magazines etc. in the past and using a more or less academic voice, I now enjoy expressing my thoughts and also thoughts that inspire me in varied forms on my blog.

I recently published a book on Indian Education, titled ABC’s of Indian National Education. More on the book and other topics and issues that interest me can be found on my blog

Here is Beloo’s recent post: BLEW

Beloo brings a certain warmth and depth to her posts which are a rare mix of knowledge, humility and spiritual focus. I am privileged to have met her through last year’s A-Z Challenge.

So, do pop over and say ‘Hi’ when you can. She would love to hear what you have to say.

In the meanwhile, add your links to the blue frog below and stroll around to visit the other blogs. Linkup stays open till next Saturday, February 14th.

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You do not need to be a B-A-R member 🙂

Only new posts written any day from February 8th to February 14th can be added to the linkup.

Each person can add any number of links. No ‘BAR’ on that 😉

Have a good week, people.


Wordy Wednesday #3 at B-A-R

We warmly welcome you to Wordy Wednesday at Blog-A-Rhythm.

Before we get to the prompt, I thought I’d share an interesting way to get your posts noticed on Twitter. Bloggers routinely use hashtags to promote their posts. You add the hashtag at the end of your tweet to get it visibility. Recently, I discovered that there are some wonderful hashtags that get you a lot of traffic, based on the day that you tweet your posts. You tweet your post as well as those of others who use the same hashtag. Kind of a win-win situation 🙂

Mark them and tweet your way to glory, fame and riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Or maybe just retweets. 😉

Sundays- #SundayBlogShare curated by @suzie81blog

Mondays- #MondayBlogs Curated by @MondayBlogs 

Wednesday- #wwwblogs (This one’s just for the ladies. Sorry guys) 😉

Do you know of any more? Feel free to add in the comments!

This Week: Word Prompt


This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger, Aditi Kaushiva who blogs here.

Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt.

Make it work for you.

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