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Picture Credit: Pixabay

Picture Credit: Pixabay

If you are a blogger or only just read posts by bloggers, then you are most likely aware of the mystery writers that dot the writer’s galaxy. They go by unusual, quirky, funny or even bold blog names; their pen names being a cool acronym of their blog name. These are the anonymous bloggers who shield their personal identity from the blogging world and its readers.

When I started my blog, it was purely on a whim with the first blog name that clicked right in my mind. I’d never considered writing under a pseudo name. Now, why would anyone want to be an anonymous writer/blogger?

A good four years of blogging, developing a decent reader-base, promoting the blog on social media sites and braving many a writer’s blocks later, I wonder about the what ifs. To begin with my blog-name would’ve probably been a cool “*TheLadyInBlack” or suchlike. The mystery of a secret identity can attract more readers to a blog, in my opinion.

Secondly, my posts are generally sketches from real life incidents; my ideas are sourced from interactions with family, friends, and acquaintances. So, as my reader-base began to grow to encompass people I know in real life too, it sort of put a cap over the topics I could write upon.

I am loath to the possibility of a friend or family joining the dots and end up feeling offended or embarrassed over the contents of a post. Likewise, I hesitate to bare my soul on certain sensitive or personal issues. Many a times I’ve felt that writing anonymously would have given me the freedom to fly as high I could without my relationship with the real world affecting my blogging canvas.

On a lighter note, I wonder how it would feel when people would laud me (the blog in this instance) for its contents, or if a post of mine got featured in the best post category or such like by popular blogging community sites. I might have to fight the extreme urge to exclaim to my near and dear ones, “It’s me! It’s me! I wrote this!”

Also, I’d have to give all the fun bloggers’ meet a miss, for obvious reasons. Unless the rest of the blogging community appreciates a weird blogger cloaked completely in black, refusing to lift the veil or discuss anything openly for the fear of being “found out”!

If you are an anonymous blogger, what are your reasons behind it and if not, would you consider being one and why?

*Blog-name is fictional. If such a name exists, it’s purely coincidental.


Blogger Bio: Uma Chellappa

Uma Chellappa

Uma Chellappa

I’m your typical lady next door who tries to juggle the many aspects of her identity-that of a wife,mother, blogger, singer and a freelance content writer-with finesse and sincerity. Academically, I hold a master’s degree in commerce and a diploma in German language. I worked as a translator in the corporate sector for a while before giving it up to look after my newborn. Blogging happened four years ago as a fortunate chance and it was then I realized that writing was something I had never explored sofar but enjoyed doing. The connections and friendships I established as a blogger is something I always hold close to my heart. I write at http://mymaidenattempt.blogspot.in as the muse strikes in prose, poetry or at times fiction.


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