#AtoZChallenge C for Comments by Shilpa Gupte

” This is incredibly beautiful,  Shilpa. I am speechless! What a picturesque post you have painted. Stunned by the colours here. “



                        I read these words and was floored, nay, was on cloud nine!  I remember writing the post  – The dawn – with all my heart. I poured my feelings into it, trying to capture the sunrise in just a few sentences. After I felt I had done a fairly good job, I hit the ‘publish’ button. And, then began the game we bloggers love to play. The waiting game, where we wait and wait, for the applause. If not a deafening applause, then, even a few words of encouragement from fellow bloggers work their magic.  A few comments of appreciation, and our day is made. It’s as if our efforts paid off!

How precious these comments are to us writers, aren’t they?  Our posts are our blood, sweat and tears. Our blogs, our haven, where we love to lose ourselves, pour out our deepest feelings, our frustrations, our angst;  where, we welcome the world into our hearts, and share with them our stories. But, the best part is, when the visitors leave behind their footprints,  a few words of praise, and encouragement, making us believe that we are on the right path. Their comments, at times, prove to be manna for our hungry souls, giving a major boost to our failing morales!

The day my post received these beautiful words of praise from a dear blogger friend (whom I look up to), I realised I had it in me to create magic with words. There were encouraging comments earlier, too, but, when a fan receives praise from her idol,  she believes ‘she has arrived’! That is what those words did to me.

I have since learnt to value these comments, as well as leave worthy comments, when I visit other blogs. The impact our words can have on others  is enormous, if expressed rightly. And, for this valuable lesson I am thankful for the day I stepped into the magical world of blogs, and met some amazing people and read their splendid posts.


Blogger Bio: Shilpa Gupte

Shilpa Gupte

Shilpa Gupte

I am a home maker, who got pushed into blogging by a dear friend, to pep up my life and use the talent she felt I have been blessed with. Apart from blogging, I enjoy making pencil sketches of dogs of different breeds and people, who inspire me. Since entering the blogging world, I have met some amazing writers from whom I have learnt a lot. But, more importantly, I have made some wonderful friends, who added colours in vibrant hues to my life. It is now a dream to get my work published some day, which I am sure will happen. I believe in my dreams, and I believe in the powers that help me fulfil my dreams. 


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