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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” said William Shakespeare.  Then should we really bother about the name of a blog, any name for that matter.

But then, the name is an extension of our personalities.  We try to find similarities between the name of the person and the person himself.  Like how we expect a girl called ‘Sunaina’ to have beautiful eyes, or someone named ‘Suhasini’ to have a beautiful smile.

That also goes in for our online babies, our blogs.   The name of the blog should resonate with the blog contents.  Putting in some initial efforts to think up a blogname is advisable.  Like your own name, you may be stuck with it for the rest of your lives.  The blog name will definitely become a brand name sooner or later.

We can follow some rules similar to creating a brand name for naming our blogs.  The list below is created by me based on my experience as a blogger.

When choosing a blog name, remember the following –

  • Recall Value

The blog name should have good recall value.  It shouldn’t be too common,  and neither too complex.   Through your blog,  you may be writing exactly your musings, but why not give it a creative twist.  Like –



  • Differentiation

Ideally giving your name to your blog name is a good way to differentiate yourself and stand up in the crowd.  This is famously followed by renowned authors.    Or if you have a product which is to be marketed online,  then let the blog name be the product name.   The readers will identify the blog name and the person.

  • Battered Hope – relates to book by the same name owned by the author.
  • Rachna Says – Here the author, Rachna, posts all her writings


  • Emotional Connect

If the name will connect emotionally with the reader, you can be sure the reader will go ahead and click that link and read your blog.  Mostly used in parenting blogs like

  • Kuchh Khatta Kuchh Meetha – which literally translates to ‘Some sour, some sweet’.   Reminds me of pani puris and other chaats which I love to eat.
  • Tale of two tomatoes – The take on the ‘tomatoes’ is so simple, but unique. Tomatoes being as common as people and the tales are of these two particular tomatoes. Imagine them walking hand in hand through a crowded tomato place.


Last thoughts –

  • When creating the name, ensure that it is web friendly. You can google your intended name to see where does it land.  If it is going to land in a very famous page,  you can be assured to never reach anywhere to the top in searches.   Check that it is unique.


  • Using acronyms and numbers in your name will also backfire. People will not remember numbers.   Giving names like Memories123, Or acronyms like TTYL, etc will not help as the search engines will not be able to pick your name.

Let’s see if using these tips you can come up with a unique blog name as unique as yourself and your writing.


Blogger Bio:  Lata Sunil

Lata Sunil

Lata Sunil

Hello Everyone,  I am Lata.  I am new to blogging and I want to try out writing for myself and for others.

There, I have said it.  I have been planning to do this for ages now.  I must have written and published a hundred blogs in my mind.  But never got around to actually doing anything about it.  But, taking cues from some twitter handles and reading the blogs of others,  I decided I should try it to.  No point thinking about it and doing nothing.  So, here I am.

Before starting off online, I made few posts and got my husband and sons to read about it.  And they liked it, not because they had to.  They are my  loudest critics anyways on everything be it my dress, my cooking, my driving and now my writing! Thanks hubby dear, and my sons.

I am based out of Mumbai, India.  I hold a very demanding full-time job (yes! very hectic).  Despite this, I want to write.

I plan to write about life, Mumbai, places, seasons, books I read, movies in India, and a whole lot of things I think about.

So, bear with me, as I find my bearings here. Follow me here and on my twitter handle @lsunil.


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