#AtoZChallenge E for Engagement by @DebbieDoglady

It’s an honour to be guest-posting here today, for the annual April A to Z Blogging Challenge.! Thank you Shailaja and Blog-A-Rhythm for the opportunity!

E 2015

The criteria is to write about anything blog-related. What’s more important to successful blogging than engagement?

One of the best ways to facilitate this is by joining one or more blogging communities, like our very own B-A-R. Not only do members support and promote each other, many of them also form lasting friendships.


Another major aspect of blogging engagement is commenting. This doesn’t mean slapdash remarks like “great post” or “good info” See it from the writer’s perspective. You just published a brilliant piece and all you get are generic platitudes. No better than spam, yes? It’s also good form to reply to comments received, as much as possible. Nobody likes to be ignored.

The Blogosphere thrives on post sharing. Unfortunately, not all bloggers understand this concept. Have you heard of the 80/20 rule for social media?  Basically, the idea is to share others’ material 4 times more often than your own. You should (keyword – more of an ideal than a reality) then reap the rewards of having your scintillating insights publicized all over the internet.

To help this along, make sure you have proper (ie. large and easy to find) share buttons installed. To everyone using Blogger: I suggest you replace the defaults, if you haven’t already.. They’re almost invisible! Twitter is huge when it comes to sharing and I can’t figure out why so many aren’t involved or if they are, don’t have their twitter usernames activated. This is a major pet peeve! Please read this to learn more.

The Blog Hop, also known as Blog Carnival, Linky or  Link-Up is always a great networking opportunity. We are currently involved in one of the biggest right here, with the April #AtoZChallenge. We obviously know the premise, but, not everyone embraces the commenting and sharing concept as well as they should. This is your chance to make new and interesting connections in the Blogosphere and to increase your reach. Go for it!

Do you have any tips to increase blogging engagement?

Looking forward to your comments!

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Debbie D

Debbie D

Debbie D.

The “Doglady.” Canine Innkeeper in suburban Toronto, Canada. Writer/owner of THE DOGLADY’S DEN website.  Animal lover, music fanatic, inveterate traveller, history, literature and cinema buff. Eternal hippie/rockchick. Bi-national, German/Canadian. Speaks English, German, some French, a little Italian and a smattering of Spanish.
Contributor to the book Read for Animals Anthology #1. Currently working on a memoir of her year in a Swiss boarding school and another of the dogs she has known during her years as a pet sitter.
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