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Badge courtesy: 'A to Z Challenge'

Badge courtesy: ‘A to Z Challenge’

I don’t remember when and how I started keeping a journal but I have hundreds of them. They are overflowing with memories, hidden here and there. Some are in the kitchen cabinet, some under the bed, and some rusting away in the store room. Each one is filled with pages and pages of random memories, weird thoughts, and heart. My journals were the only door to my secret world.

But then came a time when my journals couldn’t contain my secrets anymore. My words wanted to be free, free from ink, free from pen. They wanted to taste the world; they wanted to interact with other words. That is when “Juztamom” was born. It was born to give my words the flight they deserved.

For me blogging is synonymous with being free. It doesn’t contain, it doesn’t restrict. It gives you freedom to express, to follow your heart, to be fearless. It gives you a platform to be yourself and not be apologetic about it. What I share on my blog is what I am. I am naked and I am free when I am at Juztamom.

It is a platform that lets my thoughts wonder into the world of others. It lets my secrets mingle with secrets of others. It lets my poetry dance to the music of others and still, it lets me be free. It is like my home but without walls, without doors, where everyone is welcome and everyone is free.

Blogging is the biggest power a writer can have; a world full of writers and critics. What is more powerful than free words interacting with other free words, words changing form, observing and absorbing, critiquing and getting critiqued.

But with power comes responsibility, with freedom comes accountability. Yes I am free to express but so are others. What I will send out, is what I will receive. What I will welcome at my home, is what will mould “Juztamom”. I never curb my urge to write on something I believe in but I choose my words wisely. Words do flow freely, thoughts do wonder around but I am always around to make sure their flight doesn’t limit anyone else’s flight. Free words are welcome at my home but I make sure they are free; free from any hidden malign; free from dirt. My home is clean and I will always try to keep it clean.


Blogger Bio: Sfurti Sinha


Sfurti also known as Juztamom is a mother by choice and heart, and a researcher by profession. Her life revolves around her two little bundles of joy. She is passionate about writing, especially poetry. Her pen is ruled by her heart. She writes on various topics including parenting. Apart from her blog http://juztamom.blogspot.in, she also writes for “Mycity4kids”. She can be reached at myboyzterouslife@gmail.com


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