#AtoZChallenge Guest Posting – Is it for you? by @rachnaparmar

Today, I am going to talk about G for Guest Posting in Blogging as a part of the A to Z B-A-R posts. As a blogger and a professional Content Writer, I have guest posted on many sites as well as hosted a number of guest posters. Some of them belong to dear blogger friends and others belong to known portals. Guest posting is still a gray area.  I hope that this post will help clear some of the confusion.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is writing a post on another blog or website that appears under your name and provides a linkback to your blog.

Things to remember while writing a guest post:

Write original, engaging content that is in line with the content that appears on the Guest blog.

Write a post that is similar to what you otherwise write. A Guest blog gives you an opportunity to sharpen your expertise and present it to a wider audience. You also get to share what you write so well on your own blog.

Embed links within the post of relevant articles from your blog, guest blog as well as authoritative sites on the web. This makes your post more credible and also gets you more traffic. But, please desist from link spamming. No one likes the entire article filled with links.

It helps to follow the etiquette of guest posting.

Benefits of Guest Posting:

Get new traffic: Finding new good-quality readers is always a challenge. An established blog has its own set of readers that can be harnessed by a Guest blogger through their content

Get a good quality backlink: As you slowly build the backlinks that you get from credible big sites, your own blog/website will improve in its organic SEO ranking. Guest posting on sites with quality visitors enhances the credibility and reputation of your own blog.

Get introduced to new readers and enlarge your reader base: I have personally found new and excellent readers through Guest Posts. It is like reaching out to a larger base of readers who are already reading the topics you write about.

Establish your credentials in specific genre/genres: If you are a parenting/travel/food or other blogger then it makes sense to write for other blogs/websites in similar genres. That way, you establish your authority in that niche.

Building relationships: Just like in real life, it is beneficial to build healthy relationships with established bloggers and websites. More often than not, they will promote you and lend credibility to your work. Make sure that you generously reciprocate the favor.

After the Guest post has been published, put up a snippet and link to the post on your own blog. Also, promote the post on your social media network. Thank the Guest blog and be prompt in answering any comments courteously.

Hope, this will help you unleash the potential of Guest blogging for your own sites and blogs.


Blogger Bio: Rachna Parmar

Rachna Parmar

Rachna Parmar

Rachna Parmar is an award-winning blogger, an enthusiastic cook, wife, fitness freak, Yoga enthusiast and mother to two naughty sons and a Labrador. She is also a freelance Content Writer and an entrepreneur. She counts reading, writing, cooking, fitness, Yoga and social causes among her passions. You can follow her on her blogTwitter, Facebook and on Pinterest.


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36 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Guest Posting – Is it for you? by @rachnaparmar

  1. Hi! *waves ethusiastically* I’m a content writer, too. I write for a variety of clients, some I found on Elance and some on my own. I write for a lot of marketing firms and guest posting is huge. Like you, I see a lot of guest posting…it’s huge right now. Many of my clients have me write massive amounts of content, then post it on sites like Huffington Post, Forbes, etc. When you Google certain search terms within their industries, they show up on top, thanks to the many guest blogs they’ve written with backlinks. Great to meet you!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s a great post Rachna and on a topic I had never read about. I once guest blogged for a fellow blogger but I have never invited someone to do that for me. May be with all this great information, I should give it a shot!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very informative post, Rachna! I have not explored much of guest blogging. Need to include this in my blogging action plan. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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