#AtoZChallenge Heart Strings by @ellytreehugger


H, the eighth (8th) letter of the alphabet can represent so many heartfelt words, not necessarily of the ‘his’ and ‘hers’ kind like hero or heroine!  😉  Words like hearth, humorous, and humane are some that come to mind.

I’d like to draw your attention to “hear” and “art” in the word “heart.”

Most people are aware of – may not practice it though – the art of listening:  a listening ear to what is said – heard – both verbally and non-, in between and under the words in terms of tone and feeling as a reader (or listener).  This may include pictures used symbolically (as I do occasionally).

As a reader, see what the writer is attempting to convey.  What is the primary message or theme?  Sometimes there is more than one!

As a writer, do you write from the heart, i.e., with (all your) heart as well as an open ear to the promptings of Spirit through intuition?

Hats off to both blog writers and readers – commenters too! – for all roles feed happiness to each other like a rhythmic cycle!


Blogger Bio: Elly Stornebrink

Elly Stornebrink

Elly Stornebrink

 I am a word-lover and writer (of a blog and book-to-be), reader (of books and blogs), singer and chanter, dancer and music lover, an at-heart ‘actor’, expressive arts facilitator, nature- and animal-lover, tree-hugger, and healer with hands and words (written and sung).  Writing with heart anything that inspires me.  😉 ❤


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