#AtoZChallenge ‘Inside’ by @samsrappaz

I spend a lot

of time inside:

inside my home,

inside my mind,

inside the minutiae

of thought and its origin,

inside the elemental processes

from where this sentence came;

from where all sentences come.


editing my sentences,

editing the flow of sentences

to avoid excess amalgamation,

editing structure for an outcome

of increased coherence,

editing the matter,

editing worldviews

to stay current outside.


I stay inside,

inside the web

where all human thought

is caught and I use

my silk to connect you

to the cord that vibrates

with promise of juicy and proteinaceous





there is not enough Credit given to being inside.

I am rich

with thoughts, words, opinions.

So I spend a lot

of time inside,

on the inside,


By Sam Rappaz



Blogger Bio: Sampoorna Rappaz

Sam Rappaz

Sam Rappaz

Scientist, Writer, Blogger: I am a cancer researcher, who having completed her Ph.D. is now developing a penchant for science communication. But before I delve into pure science writing I am flexing my creative muscles in a personal blog where I write essays and poems on my past, present and future, tell stories in photos and haikus, extol my favourite authors and poets and all the while gaining appreciation for all that it takes to connect with oneself in order to connect with others. Words can help heal a person almost as much as experimental data!


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