#AtoZChallenge 2015 Know that you are a brand by @An_Ugly_head


Once upon a time, in a world widely called as web was a blog named ‘Coconut Chutney’ also known as ‘CHUTNEY CASE’.  A quaint little blog expertly run and owned by a girl named Lavanya Mohan. Readership running to thousands, well deserved because of its content that believed in no promotional matter, no complex content, but just a beautiful origami of her day to day affairs.  She was different and I was one of her ardent readers. She wasn’t anonymous but her blog spoke louder than her name and soon ‘Coconut Chutney’ took the limelight while Lavanya took a back seat. Coconut Chutney became a brand and oh yes, it was unique!

The point is she was different and that she ignorantly inspired a certain someone to start a blog called ‘THE RED HANDED BLOG’. I wanted to be a brand too, a blog that could be recognized for its difference and believe me, the desire is a continuing one. My blog should be different from yours, and that would be my ultimate goal.

Of late there has been an outburst of clone blogs. ‘Clone blogs’ are blogs that seem to be well, clones of each other. They are written by different people and in different styles but the theme or topic remains the same. There is an abnormal parity of thoughts and it has been killing the uniqueness, ruining the brand that was painstakingly built up with time. The reasons behind this are things called ‘Contests’ and ‘Vouchers.’

No, I am not here to whip the people who participate in contests hosted by various blogging platforms and win amazing prices as a result. It is a personal choice and none of my business. But my only question is, are you , by being a part of a crowd that is coating their blog with promotional and phony content, wiping off the quality of distinctiveness? Are you becoming just another blogger?

Just a word of advice from one blogger to another, take part in contests, write for those 2500INR vouchers, but make sure that the topic challenges your creativity instead of only looking at you as means of cheap advertisement.  Start seeing yourself as a brand.

This is just an opinion and some friendly advice. In the words of a certain Russel Peters, “Take it or Leave it.”

P.S- I know Russel Peters said “Take it and go”. But let us pretend for a while that he said “Take it or leave it”. I am lazy to search for further reference. 😀




Blogger Bio: Red Handed

Red Handed

Red Handed

The Red Handed Blog was made in the back seat of a car on one particular dark moonless night. The maker was not in her right sense and on waking up the next day she knew that a mistake had been committed. She tried to secretly destroy its existence before the news spread but technical issues and her lack of intelligence prevented her from getting away with the mistake she made. 

So the maker decided to live with the mistake. She pampered the blog, she decorated it and every now and then kissed it with her fervent thoughts. She continues to do so. The maker is a lawyer by profession, a Foodie since her previous birth and a Virgo for life.  She is a homogeneous mixture of a Soorma Bhopali and a Pakka Malayalee. 
Anonymous by choice, she delegated the job of revealing her identity to the posts she writes. Being a personal blog, Self mockery is what she feeds the blog with. A firm believer of the fact that ‘Humour is the silver lining to all the dark clouds in your life’, she believes in showcasing her insanity as a medal of honour. This does not stop her from getting serious sometimes and talk about mundane things like world affairs or even try out a short story. She is Bipolar like that.



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