#AtoZChallenge L is for Love by @menons129

LOVE !! How sweet is this word! When we apply it to a thing which has an important place in our life, this is the word which comes uppermost in  our thoughts.

Next to my hubby, my thoughts are confined to my laptop. I really love my Laptop. About three years ago, when I had an old computer, I was wary whether I would be able to use it or not. I did learn to use it. Initially I started with games. Then I wrote a book.

Then came  a turning point  in my life which LED to the LIBERATION of my thoughts. I started writing blogs. Last year I got a brand new laptop, after which I never felt LETHARGIC, writing blog after blog. I fell in love with it. Have a glimpse of my dear Laptop. On the right side, I have  uploaded the Ganesha Corner of our house, which inspires me a lot. Blog writing  completely changed my perception towards life.


It has not only made me LOGICAL but also very LIGHT HEARTED. My lap top is no doubt my best friend, but I am indeed very LUCKY, to have found LEARNED and LOVING friends all over the world.


Blogger Bio: Usha Menon who blogs at

Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha

Usha menon

Hi,I am 79 years old,eldest in this group and perhaps old enough to be a grand mom to some of my “friends”.  I was born, as the saying goes “with a silver silver spoon in my mouth” in Delhi.My father was an Engineer.

Even in those days(1940), I was sent to Convent of Jesus of Mary,New Delhi. On his transfer from Delhi, I was sent to hostel in Vasanta School, Banaras. I had college education in Delhi and Dehra Dun.,M.A.;Bed. as my quaiifications. I went for a teaching job in a govt school. Education was expanding and very few girls were qualified, so in six years I got promoted as a Principal. i reached the highest post as Addl. Director of Edu.Director Edu. was reserved for I.A.S. After my retirement, I pursued my hobbies, which took a back seat during my working years. 

 I am married to a Keralite.( I am a Punjabi) I have two children.DIL is Keralite and son in law, a Punjabi. I have four grand children. I am very fond of reading and writing. I started blogging,becuse of my love for writing. I write any thing which comes to mind. I am leading a peaceful and relaxed retired life.


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