#AtoZChallenge L is for Love by @menons129

LOVE !! How sweet is this word! When we apply it to a thing which has an important place in our life, this is the word which comes uppermost in  our thoughts.

Next to my hubby, my thoughts are confined to my laptop. I really love my Laptop. About three years ago, when I had an old computer, I was wary whether I would be able to use it or not. I did learn to use it. Initially I started with games. Then I wrote a book.

Then came  a turning point  in my life which LED to the LIBERATION of my thoughts. I started writing blogs. Last year I got a brand new laptop, after which I never felt LETHARGIC, writing blog after blog. I fell in love with it. Have a glimpse of my dear Laptop. On the right side, I have  uploaded the Ganesha Corner of our house, which inspires me a lot. Blog writing  completely changed my perception towards life.


It has not only made me LOGICAL but also very LIGHT HEARTED. My lap top is no doubt my best friend, but I am indeed very LUCKY, to have found LEARNED and LOVING friends all over the world.


Blogger Bio: Usha Menon who blogs at

Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha

Usha menon

Hi,I am 79 years old,eldest in this group and perhaps old enough to be a grand mom to some of my “friends”.  I was born, as the saying goes “with a silver silver spoon in my mouth” in Delhi.My father was an Engineer.

Even in those days(1940), I was sent to Convent of Jesus of Mary,New Delhi. On his transfer from Delhi, I was sent to hostel in Vasanta School, Banaras. I had college education in Delhi and Dehra Dun.,M.A.;Bed. as my quaiifications. I went for a teaching job in a govt school. Education was expanding and very few girls were qualified, so in six years I got promoted as a Principal. i reached the highest post as Addl. Director of Edu.Director Edu. was reserved for I.A.S. After my retirement, I pursued my hobbies, which took a back seat during my working years. 

 I am married to a Keralite.( I am a Punjabi) I have two children.DIL is Keralite and son in law, a Punjabi. I have four grand children. I am very fond of reading and writing. I started blogging,becuse of my love for writing. I write any thing which comes to mind. I am leading a peaceful and relaxed retired life.


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15 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge L is for Love by @menons129

  1. I love how your laptop rates next to your husband! 😉 Well, I’m sure your children and grandchildren fall in between them! 😉 And how awesome of you Usha to learn the computer and start a blog later in life than most people: no wonder you made so many loving friends! 🙂 ❤


  2. I love my laptop and blogging too. I started in 2007 and haven’t looked back – it’s opened up a whole new world of friendships and opportunities. My general knowledge is also far greater now because I have been exposed to whole new worlds and cultures. I also feel very lucky to live in the UK where I had not had to face some challenges that I see some other women facing around the world. I think blogging and the internet has given many women voices and opportunities they would never had otherwise – and that can only be a good thing:)


  3. We are happy to have inspiring writers like you in our BAR. Let’s keep encouraging and supporting each other. Loved getting to know you here 🙂


  4. Loved this post! And if I am so inspired by you – such a great work life and you continue to inspire me. I want to be like you when I am 79 – reading, writing and being happy with my laptop around 🙂 Stay blessed!


  5. Thanks for sharing, I so enjoyed to learn more about you and also about your love for writing. I feel lucky for meeting new friends like you through the blogging. You are a true inspiration:-)


  6. These are great tips. I usually don’t keep track of my traffic because I am a relatively unsuccessful blogger and don’t want to know tha tothers get way more visits than I do. These other tips are great. Going ot follow this blog.


  7. Ushaji, your love for blogging is pouring in each and every word in your posts. Loved this one and also your blog posts.


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