#AtoZChallenge O- A complete circle by @nishasanjeev



Writing is Divine!

I have written about galaxies, celebrities, classmates, office politics, marital issues, spirituality, stories – imaginary and real – gave honest, sensuous and misleading titles, even attempted posting titillating pictures.

As a blogger for over three years, I’ve tried almost everything in the blogging manual. I first took a sabbatical, tired of waiting for comments. When frustration got the better of me, I analysed why I had no readers.


Joined blogging platforms and promoted myself on social media. Felt good with the likes and responses. But it soon died down when I saw the same names, same numbers, same comments. Criticize please! I yelled.

I took another sabbatical, tired of waiting for new readers. When frustration got the better of me, I analysed…


Enthusiastically, I replied to each reply, commented on others’ work and shared theirs’. Thanked each liker by name, too. But the numbers and names remained the same.

I took another sabbatical, tired of waiting for new readers. When frustration got the better of me, I analysed…

Hot topics!

I forced myself to write satire, hoax and even sex. There was a little flutter, initially. But numbers eventually remained the same. Comments came in personal inbox – ‘didn’t expect you to say this…”

I took another sabbatical, tired of waiting for new readers. When frustration got the better of me yet again, I analysed…

Any art form is God’s gift to you. If you do not appreciate your gift, how do you expect others to appreciate it when you show it to them?

If the Supreme Being has chosen to bestow the gift of words in you, rest assured there is a reason. And what better reason than to keep you happy. Unless the self is happy how can you spread it to another. Unless you love yourself, how can you spread it to another? You can only give what you are brimming with.

How can the Universe that hand-picked you to possess the gift let you throw up frustration and restlessness into the world?

Words have energy. My best (most read) posts have always been that which tugged at my heart.

I do follow ‘practical’ rules of networking and promoting. But only as much as I comfortably can, without compulsion. Now I write honestly. I write for my happiness.

And lo! I’m reaching out farther!

Writing is Divine!


Blogger Bio: Nisha Sanjeev


Judge me by my face and you risk not knowing me. Judge me by my words and you risk asking who am I. Am a journalist, author, blogger and speaker. Above all an interesting bundle of paradoxes! I blog here.


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8 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge O- A complete circle by @nishasanjeev

  1. Beautiful post Nisha. I am with you that when we pursue our God given gift with love then all things fall into place. And for me writing is Divine too. Nice to meet you here.


  2. Glad that you are writing for yourself first and foremost Nisha. 🙂 And I think it does come across when the writing is not of your natural style and/or forced. I’m glad to have met you through the blogging world and wish you continued divine writing! 🙂 ❤


  3. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing your experience, some important lessons there for all of us. I also try to go with this spirit of writing for the joy it gives to the writer, everything else is secondary. When we focus too much on the outward ‘practical’ stuff of the whole experience, we somehow miss out on the intrinsic value of why we write.


  4. Nisha.. yeah it took some time for me also to realise this. But thankfully found my way. I loved the way you have written it by repeating the main problem again and again. Thats is interesting.


  5. One thing for sure–blogging and marketing in general is work. It can be frustrating and then you might hit that magic button that makes things happen briefly. The point is though that you got to keep on pressing buttons and in the process some doors open and some don’t. At least you have a sense of how the whole blogging process operates.

    The main thing is the point you make about staying within your realm of comfort. If you aren’t having some enjoyment in what you do then you probably shouldn’t be bothering with it. I think you’ve found the right answer along with some other good answers.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


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