#AtoZChallenge P is for Passion by @suzyq1810

I started blogging publicly in 2011 via my blog Someday Somewhere without any idea of what to blog about or where it would lead me. All I knew was that I wanted to write and so I did.  I wrote mostly about my life, my desires, my beliefs, on music, on quotes, on travels, on things I love. And I dabbled in some haiku.

At about the same time I also started my Photos are Fun blog that focussed on my photography and which is dedicated to my late father whose love for photography I share.

Then a couple of years later in March 2013 I started my poetry blog Reflections of my Soul when a friend suggested I should publish poems that I had been writing for a few years.


I wasn’t really too bothered about the number of readers or the comments I got, in fact I didn’t even know about the Stats page until much later when my confidence in blogging and blogger grew and I started to explore some of the settings and experimented with widgets.

But I did observe that my haiku posts got a lot of comments as did my photo posts and my poems on my poetry blog.

Poetry and Photography are my passions and perhaps that passion comes through in these posts. I have a lot of fun with my photo blog for photos are truly fun. I also love poetry as for me it is the way I connect with Spirit and that gives me immense joy. I continue to write on various topics at Someday Somewhere, but with a focus on the spiritual and inspiration. I almost feel like that I serve Spirit through those words.

Similarly when I find a blogger who writes about their passions, those posts seem to stand apart from the rest and they are always interesting. You can see the love and the fun in the words and pictures they share.

When we write from that place of passion, the soul of that piece comes through. And posts that have soul are captivating.


Blogger Bio: Suzy Que

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I dream because dreams make life worth living

I write to share the insights of my soul

I rhyme because poetry brings me great joy

I photograph to capture a moment in time to remember forever

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