#AtoZChallenge Four ‘R’s of Writing by @nibhz14


Writing has always been therapeutic. I’m not the one declaring it but it’s a proven fact that writing helps us to free ourselves of the stress and disturbing emotions. The feeling one gets when the words pour out on the paper is one of the most relaxing in the world. It’s feels like along with those words, our worries are also flowing away. It frees us from the shackles of our emotions and increases our concentration.

It isn’t easy for everyone to write but for those who possess this gift of words, this is the best thing that could have happen to them. Words are their best friends.

From the personal experience I can tell that even for the writers, it’s often difficult to part with their thoughts. May be sometimes it’s just hard to let go of the thoughts or may be the thoughts just don’t want to leave us. But no matter how tough it gets, the outcome is always beautiful. The experience is comforting and Rejuvenating. More than being read, writing is about being free. It’s refreshing and revives us, filling our heart and soul with renewed energy.

As a painter’s feelings are reflected in the colours of his painting, a writer’s words reflects his soul. Some might disagree, but I strongly feel that our work reflects some part of us. It reveals a glimpse of our soul. Through the characters we create, we often reveal, either what we are deep inside hiding from the world or what our aspiration are! Although we might call a piece of our work as fiction but we only know it for better. It often Reveals a side of us unknown to everyone else or even to us at times. It reveals our raw emotions, wrapped with words. These words have the power to reveal us to the very core.

Often during life, coping with challenges or simply dealing with the crests and troughs of roller-coaster ride of life, we lose our real self. We forget who we truly are and what’s our worth. It’s the this writing helps us meet a version of ourselves that was lost in the crowd. It helps us Rediscover our lost words, our desires, our lost dreams and most importantly our lost self.

So, hop on the wagon of words and take a Rejuvenating Ride for Revelation and Rediscovery of yourself.


Blogger Bio: Nibha Gupta


 I am deeply in love with the words! They are life to me. No words can describe the feeling of penning down the emotions. Words fail me to describe the joy that comes with sharing the world of my imagination through my words. Expressions is a place where , Feelings are let go and words are unleashed; a place where I Express myself and all my imagination come alive!Come fly with me with wings of words in my world of imagination.


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