#AtoZChallenge T’s of Blogging by @swathishenoy26


Though I have been an ardent reader, writing is something that I picked up recently. But being on the blog-o-sphere for a year can teach you a lot of things.

One of the important things that I learned is ‘Selecting a Theme’. We are at the end of the A-Z Challenge. Many of us have used a ‘Theme’ for this challenge and already have experienced the benefits of it. Having a theme always helps us to focus. It narrows down the countless options we have and it’s easier to select a topic this way. When we know what to write, our thoughts are clearer and the posts come out more beautifully. Needless to say, it always attracts the readers.

‘Tweeting’ is another important aspect. With more than half of the world addicted to social media, it is the best way to promote your posts. It helps you gain a wide range of audience for your posts. Using the relevant tags also plays an important role. And when you use your theme as a ‘Tag’ to tweet your posts, it helps like minded people to find your posts easily, thus the post reaching its intended readers. It is a win-win situation for both readers and writers.

And another equally important ‘T’ of blogging is to ‘Truncate’ the posts. When writing the post initially, we tend to give away a lot of details, most of which is not needed. It unnecessarily lengthens the post and usually repels the readers during challenges like A-Z, when everyone is busy blog hopping. So, re-read your posts and truncate it, editing out the unnecessary details. Give a ‘Title’ which suits the post best and hints the readers what to expect while still keeping their curiosity alive.

Finally, never deviate from your theme. It’s not just about the theme of the challenge but also the theme of your blog(s). Every blogger has his/her set of followers, who read and connect with their posts. So it is important to stick to this theme even while writing for contests. Instead of promoting anything generally, try and blend it to according your theme. Don’t give up your original style. It helps retaining the existing readers and gain new ones. After all, we all love it when our posts receive some love.


Blogger Bio: Swathi Shenoy

Swathi Shenoy

 Swathi is a 21 year old student, who is currently pursuing her degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She is a self proclaimed bibliophile and forgets the world around her when she dives into the world of novels! Writer, dreamer, singer, artist, travel enthusiast and nature lover – that pretty much sums up her for beginners. To find out more about her, visit her blog Flightless Bird thoughtful Wings (http://swathishenoy.blogspot.in/) where she likes to spend all her free time.


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8 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge T’s of Blogging by @swathishenoy26

  1. Interesting post. I di dhave a rather narrow theme on my old blog. Then when I created my current blog, I wanted to reach a broader audience, so I deviated a little from the theme. I have not had success however with posts that are random.


  2. Fabulous post full of useful and helpful tips, not just for the challenge, but for writing in general. I especially needed to read the tip reminding me to “truncate,” my post. My long windedness tends to spill over into my blog post. Thanks for the reminder and for the other helpful ideas. I just stopped by to say hello from the challenge and am glad I did. I bookmarked your blog so I can visit again. Hopefully I will be back to read more of your A to Z post, but if not I will be back in May to catch up with you.

    Melissa Sugar


  3. Very helpful tips, Swathi. Truncating is something that I used to struggle with, but I have gotten better now. Not that I ever wrote 1000 word posts, just that I prefer to keep it around 300-500 max. Re-reading certainly helps. If that fails, I take a second opinion. That works every time 🙂
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*


  4. You have dashed the Ts correctly Swathi. I have seen in the A to Z challenge that many people do not have a ‘Tweet’ share option. It is one of the easiest things to do and there is good visibility. Maybe have a post on the biggest T – Twitter. Enjoyed reading this post.


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