#AtoZChallenge Unique ‘U’ by @vinodini

 From Pixabay.com

From Pixabay.com

Through my journey as a blogger, one helpful lesson that I’ve learnt is to have a ‘unique’ voice of my own that came across strongly as my individuality. So, how does one make sure that they have that ‘unique’ flavor in their posts? Would it make sense to read up a lot and observe various writing styles that writers adapt to put their thoughts across through their words? Yes, that’s one way to do it.

I’ve seen a lot of people writing blog-posts and write-ups, like they would write their school essays. Although, these posts are rich in content, they fail to interest me as a reader, when I’m unable to gauge a bit of the writer’s attitudes or thoughts that these write-ups seem to be devoid of. Please forgive the critic in me creeping up here, but honestly, if I needed to read information rich content I have the Wikipedia at my disposal just a click away. Why should I visit a blog or read a book that seems to state facts in the same cold manner that an informative website or manual should be able to do for me?  And then, I’ve wondered what has stopped the writer from infusing his ‘uniqueness’ in it? Is it the fear or self-consciousness of putting oneself out there to be read and judged for the thoughts that are expressed in the writing?  Agreed, one needs to shed a lot of inhibitions, especially when one gets candid through their writings. It surely is a big deal, but then isn’t that candidness about what makes each of us unique? By masking this candidness, we are merely stating or recording facts – and to me that is quite a mechanical chore. What’s the fun in writing something that doesn’t have a bit of ‘U’ in it?! As writers our passion for writing is further enriched when our true self is revealed through what we write and share which in turn, sparks into a healthy debate or discussion with our readers.

When I start writing, I write as though I’m having a one- on-one conversation with my readers, and that really helps. There’s no better way to make your write-ups ‘unique’  and original than by lending your distinct voice of expression to them that defines ‘U’ for what you are, what you think, how you see things and further translate it your own unique voice through your words.


Blogger Bio: Vinodini Iyer


Design and aesthetics rule my life. I’m a painter by academics, and a fashion and retail professional by experience. I thrive on meeting new people, exploring new places, cuisines and cultures. A gypsy at heart, I just can’t be pinned down by routine. I believe, a thought, an experience, or an idea is incomplete unless it is shared. I write to be read.

I am an aspiring writer who dreams of writing a book someday. Two of my short stories have been selected to be published as a part of anthologies. I write on myriad topics that influence my life….Art, Design, Aesthetics, Fashion, Retail, Travel, Nature, Music, Movies, Relationships, Parenting, Philosophy, Interesting experiences, Random thoughts, Photography, Short Stories. Poems, at my blog: http://vinodinii.blogspot.in/


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