#AtoZChallenge An ‘X’perience by @MDWeekendBaker



I have been blogging sporadically since 2010 / 2011.


I blog about baking and about the cuisine of my community, the Pathare Prabhus.


You may be wondering what the title of this post has to do with any of these seemingly unconnected facts. I’ll cut a long story short by saying that this post is about my journey as a blogger and my gratitude list of the many and unexpected benefits, discoveries and experiences along the way.

In addition to counting the bonuses, this list is also a reminder to myself to keep at it even on the days/weeks when I suffer from brain fog, writers’ cramp and the ‘I have no time for my blog’ syndrome.


So here goes –


  1. Blogging was what kept me sane-ish through my post partum haze 3 year ago, giving me something other than nappies and feeds to think about. In short, it was eXactly what I needed at the time.


  1. I am working on turning my blog into a community cookbook, of sorts. However, currently, I’m thrilled that my mum and my grandma take such a keen interest, sharing their top tips and adding their eXperience and eXpertise to the pot.



  1. I’m reviving links with the Pathare Prabhu community, now spread across the world and making some new friends in the process, eXchanging notes and handy tips for adapting our cuisine to modern times and with global ingredients.


  1. At a more practical level, my blogs give me a platform for eXpressing my creativity : very valuable, especially after a busy day at work


  1. Having a foodie family means that sometimes I have to manage ambitious eXpectations but planning for the blog helps me be more organised for at least some of the meals in the week.


  1. I’m thrilled to be eXpanding my blogging knowledge via the 101 sessions, tips and tricks that are so generously shared at the B-A-R and through the A-Z challenge. (You know who you are and you rock!)


  1. I’m loving the eXcitement of making new blogger friends and discovering fabulous blogs. (Thank you A-Z 2014 and my fellow B-A-R goers!)


  1. In sum, I would describe my blogging journey so far as eXtremely satisfying and enriching!

Thanks for staying with me till the end of my list.

I wish you all an eXhilarating ride on the blogging rollercoaster. It’s so worth it!


Blogger Bio: Monica Deshpande


 I’m a working mum, a weekend baker, yoga enthusiast, avid reader, curious cook, collector of cookbooks, traditional recipes and articles on baking and cooking.

My perfect weekend includes time with family and friends, a good book, great food and a bar of dark chocolate (or two).

I blog at The Weekend Baker and Varan-Bhaat.

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