#AtoZChallenge Y is for Youth by Beloo Mehra

 Y is for Youth

Written by Beloo Mehra

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 It seems one of the key reasons why many bloggers write is to express and share their thoughts, opinions, ideas and also some insights gained from their life experiences. Sounds very reasonable. Generally, the focus is on blogger’s personal expression, rather than the target audience. This too is fair, given the way blogging has evolved.

In this post however, I want to offer the possibility of blogging with a specific audience in mind. I am speaking of the youth, the future of our societies, nations and the world. Most of the younger population today, particularly from the reasonably educated and socially-aware sections of our society, is highly tech-savvy and globally connected via technology. Given the younger generation’s proclivity to get most of their information from the online world, why can’t we bloggers target some of our writings particularly to educate and inspire these young minds and hearts?

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Having youth as one target audience for our blogs, or at least for some component of our blogs, can not only give a specific focus to the topics we want to write about, it can also help us become more reflective of the larger purpose of why we write. In today’s world where online world is full of all kinds of material that may often negatively influence the vulnerable youth, we bloggers can do our little bit by flooding the internet with some positive, inspirational material specifically geared toward the youth. This doesn’t have to be didactic, moralistic, preachy type of material. Surely, we bloggers can create some well-thought and creatively-presented content touching upon some specific topics relevant to the youth. The content, of course, will be as diverse and varied as the world of bloggers itself.

In my own context as a blogger from India, and given the specific focus of my blog, I believe many of my posts have had some educative focus. I am particularly thinking of sections “Current Events” and “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”, and also several posts tagged under “Indian Culture.” Without specifically writing for the younger generation, I have often hoped that some young Indian readers will find some of this content thought-provoking.

Perhaps I should be more explicit and start a specific focus-area on my blog directed at youth. This will also mean paying attention to the voice and style that I use for youth-specific writing. That’s a work I hope to take up on my blog in the months to come.


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Beloo Mehra

Many years of experience in the field of education and social science research led me to the discovery that the central thing is to constantly un-school oneself and become a freer and truer learner.

My life generally revolves around some reading, some writing, some teaching, some gardening and a whole lot of reflecting on life, living, society, politics, religion, art, literature, India, the World, and everything else under the Sun and the Moon. My blog is inspired by a certain view of life and living, art and beauty, individual and society, nation and the world, and I try to stay true to that inspiration as much as I can. Having published several research papers, scholarly articles and chapters in various journals, books, magazines etc. in the past, I now enjoy expressing my thoughts and also thoughts that inspire me in varied forms on my blog.


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