Link Up Opens: Featured member- @sunjhini

Welcome back everyone to the weekly sharing linkup. Today, we are  featuring one of the most talented faces behind B-A-R. Please raise your glasses in a toast to:

Rajlakshmi Boruah  who blogs at not one or two but three blogs:

Destiny’s Child, Poetry Wagon and Twinkle Eyed Traveler

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In her own words, Rajlakshmi has this to say:

I hail from Assam but have spent a major part of my life travelling and living in different parts of India. Currently live in Sydney with my husband,I work as a Java developer. I started writing 7 years ago dabbling with poetry, fiction, random musings, social issues, papercrafts and travelling. Three blogs keep the thoughts running in my mind. Trying to find humour in life 🙂

Here is her latest post which showcases one of her incredible skills: Zentangles

Floral Zentangle

Rajlakshmi is a gifted writer and poet and can make you pause and think with her words, something most of us aspire for regularly. If you did the A-Z Challenge, you would have seen her jaw-dropping theme of Yoga every day and wondered if her body was made of rubber or some other equally flexible material! Her photography skills are to die for and every snapshot can speak volumes if not an entire novel of expressions.

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Have a good week, people.