Link Up Opens: Featured member- @petrichorclouds

Welcome back everyone to the weekly sharing linkup. Today, we are  featuring one of the poetic faces behind B-A-R. Please raise your glasses in a toast to:

Sreesha Divakaran  who blogs on poetry and short fiction

at Petrichor and Clouds 

and reviews books at Rain and a Book


In her own words, Sreesha has this to say:

I am/was (I recently quit my job :D) a technical writer by profession. I wrote my first poem, or silly little rhyme as I would now call it, when I was about 8. I am painfully introverted ( 😉 ), and writing was what helped me cope  with my dad’s frequent job transfers, new place, new schools and more. I started blogging in the year 2008, while in college. I blog at (poems and fiction) and (book reviews). 🙂


Sreesha writes with a passion that I find fascinating. Whether it’s  her poetry or short stories, there’s an elusive quality of grace coupled with dark, rugged undertones of reality. If she is open and frank in her poetry, she is unabashedly honest in her book reviews. You won’t  find a review for the sake of it on her blog. Critical? Yes. Powerful? Definitely. Worth a visit? You bet! And you keep going back too.

Hop on over and say ‘Hello’ here in the comments or on her blog 🙂

    Here is her latest post , a flash fiction piece entitled:


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