Wordy Wednesday #4- June 2015

Welcome  to Wordy Wednesday at Blog-A-Rhythm.

First, our blogging tip for the week:

Do you keep your readers in mind when you write?

We’re bloggers. We’re likely connected to the world through our devices apart from just our laptops.  Today, everyone and their uncles have smartphones, tablets, e-readers, at times more than one per head. So in a household of three, you may see twelve devices. Yeah, don’t ask 😉

The point is, as far as blogging goes, we need to keep our readers in mind. The first thing we must do is ensure that our blogs are enabled for mobile-reading. Most people today read on the go and seeing a website where they have to pinch and zoom to view something is not just painful for them, it’s dangerous for you.

Similarly, if the commenting system on the blog is painful, people won’t make the effort to comment. Trust me. Ever noticed that the ones who leave comments on your blog are fellow bloggers? Why? Because they know the pain of writing and publishing a post.

That’s right. The longer a person spends trying to view your blog, the more unlikely he/she is to come back unless the content overwhelms everything else.


This Week: Picture Prompt


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