Blogger Focus- Suzy Que @suzyq1810

Welcome to the third Blogger Focus session at B-A-R, everyone!

Today, I am very pleased to host Suzy Que at the B-A-R. The first set of questions are from me, the B-A-R tender and the ones following those are from the fellow B-A-R members.  Thank you for doing this, dear Suzy.

B-A-R Tender Asks:

Q: Your Name/ Name of your Blog/s:

Suzy Que  

My blogsSomeday Somewhere   Photos are Fun   Reflections of my Soul (my poems)

QWhat do you blog about? 

At Someday Somewhere I share my thoughts, really anything I want to write about. At Photos are Fun, I share my photos and at Reflections of my Soul, I share my poems.

QWhy did you start blogging? Continue reading