Wordy Wednesday #4- July 2015

Welcome  to Wordy Wednesday at Blog-A-Rhythm.

Sorry we missed the last few scheduled posts. Time to pull up our socks and get back to the programming 🙂

First, our blogging tip for the week:

Do you proofread your posts?

Most of us write the post, dash it off and hit ‘publish’ before we have had a chance to catch our breath. The result?

Typos galore.

It takes exactly five minutes more to check for errors with a handy grammar tool. Why should you do it? Well, it shows readers that you care about your content. It reflects the idea that even if you are just blogging for fun, you pay attention to the details. That, to be honest, always draws people in.


This Week: Picture Prompt


This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger,

Inderpreet Kaur Uppal.

Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt.

Make it work for you.

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