Wordy Wednesday #1- August 2015 #WordPrompt

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Welcome  to Wordy Wednesday at Blog-A-Rhythm.

  First, our blogging tip for the week:

Subscribe to stay updated

How do you get notified when your favourite blogs get updated? We read so many many many blogs, don’t we? How do you know when the blogger/ writer puts up a new post? Well, here are some ways that can help you stay on top of the game:

E-mail subscription: By far the most reliable method I have noticed. You get a notification in your inbox the minute the blog has a new post. Worried about e-mail clutter? Set up a filter to send all blog updates to one folder. Scroll and read at leisure.

Bloglovin’: Takes a minute to set up an account, an hour to add your favourite blogs and then nothing at all as you wait for the daily digest to be delivered to your inbox.

Facebook Blog pages: Watch your favourite blog pages by creating an Interests Feed. You cut out the clutter of the regular News feed and see only updates from your blogging friends. Yes, Facebook DOES have its advantages. And hey, THIS is BAR’s Blogger Interest list. Feel free to subscribe to it on Facebook 🙂

Twitterfeed: My favourite blogs are linked to my Twitterfeed account. I create an auto-tweet to go live with the post and the twitter handle of the blogger so he/she gets an alert. They favourite it and I get to know that they’ve updated the post.

WordPress Reader: (Only for blogs on WordPress) The Android interface on the WP app is so cool that you can read at leisure and instantly ‘like’ or comment on a post.

*Any other ideas for staying updated on your favourite blogs?

Please share in the comments 🙂

This Week: Word Prompt


This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger,

Shantala Nayak who blogs here

Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt.

Make it work for you.

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