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Well, hello there, everyone! Isn’t it amazing that we are in the last month of 2015?

BAR’s blog is almost a year old now and with January, we have more interesting things planned too. For now, we are moving the Blogging Tips to a separate blog post each week. These tips earlier used to be clubbed with the Wordy Wednesday prompts.

(Psst: Between you and me, I think the Wednesdays were getting a bit miffed at all the attention being taken up by the tips, so I felt it best to separate them. No sense forcing a connection when there isn’t one. Right?)

The tips you see here will be from BAR members as well as blogging experts in the universe, so be sure to tune in with your comments and suggestions each week!

This week’s Tip:

Commenting can be a tedious task, especially when you have so many posts to read on a daily basis. But you have to admit that comments are wonderful when they pop up on your blog posts.

Sometimes you read a post and you’re not sure what to say. What do you like the best? What really touched you? How do you decide what to comment on? Here are some angles you can take up.

  • Theme of the Post: What the blogger has written about- the content/the idea
  • Style of the post: The writing, if it engaged your attention or interest.
  • Kinship: If you identify with the post and how you do.
  • Suggestion: This must be done warily and typically  if the blogger has ended the post with a question or an invitation, asking for your thoughts.
  • Encouragement: Everyone loves praise, so feel free to sprinkle some praise now and then.
  • Critique: This warrants a certain level of caution as well as familiarity with the blogger. Make your point but do it nicely. Stick to critiquing the work and avoid personal remarks. For instance: ‘I loved the interplay of dark and light in this but found it a bit confusing overall’ sounds better than ‘You completely confused me and now I am wondering what the post is about.’

Blogging Tip would ideally go out on each Monday. If we miss it, look for it later in the week.

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Happy Blogging!

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