Blogging Tip from the BAR: Give & Take Criticism

We’re into week 3 of January, so what’s in store for you now? I guess you all know that we turned a year old last Friday. Yay!

Did you hear about #ThursdayBlogs? Be sure to share your posts on Twitter every Thursday, folks 🙂 We’ll do the rest.

This week’s Tip:

Learn how to accept criticism

A while ago, on our blogging group on Facebook, I asked the question below:

Bloggers‬ here, do you take critique well?

How do you prefer to receive it?

A) As a comment on a post
B) In a private message (Facebook/Twitter/ E-mail)
C) No critique please. I’m fine with what I write

It was interesting to see that many people opted for (A). In my experience, I have found that very few people actually welcome criticism, which is surprising, to be honest. So, this was a pleasant and welcome response. Now, since BAR Member Sanch  has done a fabulous job of how to take and give criticism over on her blog, she is the recommended blogger for the week.

*Bonus: It was also her birthday on Saturday, so go on over and wish her, won’t you?

This week’s recommended blog: Sanch Living Life

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Happy Blogging!

5 thoughts on “Blogging Tip from the BAR: Give & Take Criticism

  1. Yeah, that was an interesting discussion. So many different perspectives! I read Sanch’s post. She has given out some very useful tips in it.


  2. One thing about giving criticism that occurs me to me – some of the blog writings are so personal and written more for expressing one’s feelings and emotions, even quite raw at times, that often it doesn’t feel appropriate to give any sort of criticism. Critique makes more sense when the writing is more issue-based, taking a particular position. But I am always hesitant to give any language/grammar related criticism.

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