Wordy Wednesday #4- February 2016 #PicturePrompt

Welcome  to Wordy Wednesday at Blog-A-Rhythm.

Our final Wordy Wednesday for February is here and it’s a Picture prompt.
But first, my favourite post from last week and this time it is:

Sfurti Sinha’s Never too late

As usual, I liked more than one story this week, but a few things tipped Sfurti’s over the edge: the pacing of her story , compact rendering,  typo-free writing and sticking to the rules of the prompt.

Since this is a picture prompt, I am not going to give you any words. But you know the letter for the week, so let’s have some fun then. Play by the guidelines to be in the running for next week’s featured post.

  1. Use the picture below in your post and come up with a creative caption for it, using the letter ‘H’. Caption must be a word or phrase beginning with H. Title of the post can be anything, but caption the picture for sure.
  2. Your post MUST be 100 words only. (You have a leeway of 20 words, i.e., from 80-120 words, will also work)
  3. Caption does not count towards the word count.
  4. Anything goes- fiction, non-fiction, poetry- go nuts! The best one will be picked as the featured post in next week’s post.


Sounds good?


We don’t have a Linky tool anymore so feel free to leave your link in the comments here.


Write exactly 100 words on the prompt.

Make it work for you.

Here’s a  badge to display 🙂


Tweet to the handle @blogarhythm1

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14 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday #4- February 2016 #PicturePrompt

  1. Oh wow! Thanks S! I was not at all confident about the story. It felt too simple but I wanted to move away from my regular dark posts. This gives me so much confidence! Thanks again!

    PS: Yay!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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