Blogging Tip from the BAR: Re-sizing Images

Welcome to Blog-a-rhythm! If you’re new here, we’ve moved the Blogging Tips to a separate blog post each week, specifically Mondays, except for today, of course. These tips earlier used to be clubbed with the Wordy Wednesday prompts.

The tips you see here will be from BAR members as well as blogging experts in the universe, so be sure to tune in with your comments and suggestions each week!

This week’s Tip:

Re-size images before uploading them

It’s wonderful to add images to your blog and there are tons of free resources out there for high-quality stick images which bloggers can use today. I’ll share a link to many such links in my tip next week.

But one thing about high-resolution images is that they are large and take up loading time on your site. And you know that prolonged loading time can turn visitors away from your site. So what do you do?

Use an easy photo re-sizing tool to compress your images. The ones I have used are JPEG Mini and Pixlr and I really liked the simplicity of Pixlr! Here’s a lovely tutorial that you can read to discover how to re-size your images!

Do you have any other photo-resizing tools you’d recommend?

Share with us in the comments!

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Happy Blogging!

5 thoughts on “Blogging Tip from the BAR: Re-sizing Images

  1. is another great tool where bloggers can resize images.

    It’s also recommended to install the WPSmush plugin for WordPress. It automatically resizes images to optimum sizes without loss in quality without us having to do anything.

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