Au revoir- This isn’t goodbye

It’s hard to say goodbye. There’s a finality about it that makes it strikingly difficult to utter, especially when you part ways with someone you love.

The French say Au Revoir which translates to ‘Until we see each other again’ and that is what I am here to say today.


I’ve never been very good at the art of multi-tasking and while people admire the way I have managed to ‘juggle’ 3 blogs, a job, my home, my writing, my presence on social media and my parenting, there comes a point when you have to look in the mirror and admit, ‘I cannot do it all.’

This blog, Blog-a-rhythm, will be shutting down.

Blogging , for me, is more than words on a blinking screen. It’s the channel which connected and continues to bridge the gap between us as we strive to say/do the best we can. I’ve made many, many friends thanks to blogging and some of them I count among my closest and most treasured relations.

It’s a testament to the fact that so many people jumped up and offered to handle the blog when I announced this yesterday in our group and I know they’d do a fabulous job of it too. But I know what this takes out of  you- the need to update on a regular basis, to engage effectively, to do it all and come out looking as fresh as when you started writing the post.

And it isn’t easy. So I cannot, in good faith, ask this of anyone.

Perhaps, in the future, when things look simpler and my schedule seems more manageable I may come back and revive this gentle space, the place which has given me so much joy in the last 16 months.

So, yes, while we are shutting down, the posts will stay, the links will all still remain and who knows, if the stars so align in our favour, one day, we will meet again. Our Facebook page and Twitter handle shall remain active as well.

Thank you for being with me on this journey.

Special thanks to my fellow admins Sid, Shilpa, Tulika and Shantala, who’ve done so much and more for the space and who continue to do a great job behind the scenes even today.

Thank you to everyone who is an active part of BAR and who makes blogging not just fun but a glorious, learning experience.

Thank you to all the readers who have faithfully come back to read our tips and prompts and shared them with your friends on social media.

It’s with a heavy heart that I say Au Revoir but with a heart full of gladness that we got to take this journey together.

Thank you, once again.