Barathon 2017: Day 7: The Call of the Wind

Welcome, bloggers, to the two-week Blogging Marathon here at Blog-a-rhythm!

Thank you for being part of this fortnight blogging challenge and we do hope you enjoyed it thoroughly!

**Watch out for the winner’s badge post that will go live on Monday, July 3rd, 2017!**

If you’re just landing here, check out full details on the kickoff post here:

All about Bar-a-thon

Today’s prompt: June 30th: The Call of the Wind

Today’s theme (and the theme for all of Barathon): Seven


  1. Once you’ve written your post, click on the blue frog on the linky below and add your link for Day 7.
  2. Please add only Day 7’s links to the linky.
  3. Linky is open only for 48 hours, from 12:00 am IST today to 11:55 pm of the next day. Hurry up and add your link!
  4. Visit at least 3 to 5 other blog posts on the linky. Build some blog love 🙂
  5. Once done, share the post on Facebook by tagging Blog-A-rhythm and Twitter by tagging @blogarhythm1 and using the hash tag #BarAThon

Good luck! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Barathon 2017: Day 7: The Call of the Wind

  1. I am really glad I saw your tweets about this and chose to blog for two weeks. Absolutely loved the prompts and the bloggers who wrote on that, big round of applause to ’em, Ain’t easy at all.
    It was great to be a part of this.

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