Blogging Tip from the BAR: URL Shortener

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We’re in February. Okay, let’s say that again.

We’re in February! Good God! Where did the beginning of 2016 go? Did we write all that we wanted? Has this been the best year yet for blogging? So many questions, so little time. Or rather, too much time being wasted on social media. But that’s for another post.

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Blogging Tip from the BAR: Be yourself

February is here! I am so excited! Don’t ask me why. I’m just excited.

Okay there might be a small reason for that, to be honest. BAR had its second Bangalore meet yesterday and meeting all my favourite bloggers offline always gives me such a high. Writing this post itself is bringing back all the memories of the fun times at lunch. Ah, good times!

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Blogging Tip from the BAR: Ask for help

Ask for help,Bloggers, Blogging Tip, Blogarhythm

January’s last days are here and makes me wonder, ‘Where did the time go?’ But with time, we also get experiences and lessons, so it’s not a total loss.

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