Blogging Tip from the BAR: Read a new blog

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Week 2 of January already? Where did the time go? By now you must all have wrapped up your blogging resolutions and goals in your posts for the year. Time to start applying them too.

This week’s Tip:

Read one new blog each week

It’s fun to blog but it’s no fun to blog all alone, right? How do you find people to blog alongside you? Well, try and find one new blog each week. Why, you ask?

  1. Reading new blogs opens up new possibilities.
  2. You make new connections.
  3. You get introduced to great content.
  4. You try and work on improving your own blog.

So, Blogarhythm is going to try and help you. Each week we are going to recommend one blog right here. Β How does that sound? And hey, return the favour! Add your recommendations in the comments below.We’d love to read new blogs!

This week’s recommended blog: Suzie Speaks

She does a lot for bloggers and is a pleasure to read. Check her out!

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Happy Blogging!

15 thoughts on “Blogging Tip from the BAR: Read a new blog

  1. Wow! That’s such a terrific idea and you are right! One new blog each week and we will be all set to learn something new.
    I follow Suzie’s blog and she had some amazing content to share. Glad to see her here as well!


  2. Thank you Blogarhythym for starting this initiative and recommending new blogs to read. I know I am at the right place at BAR with so many new bloggers to connect with. I have read Suzie’s blog posts previously also and I get a positive boost everytime I visit/read her posts πŸ™‚


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