Blogging Tip from the BAR: Using Images in Posts

Did you realise we have moved the Blogging Tips to a separate blog post each week? These tips earlier used to be clubbed with the Wordy Wednesday prompts.

The tips you see here will be from BAR members as well as blogging experts in the universe, so be sure to tune in with your comments and suggestions each week!

This week’s Tip:

Use Images with care

It’s fine to use images in your posts when they are your own. No risk of plagiarism or copyright infringement exists in this case. But we don’t always find the images we want in our personal libraries.

Never fear. To ensure you have those perfect images, we have plenty of options to choose from. Here is an exhaustive set of lists to choose from!

27 Superb sites for Royalty-Free images

53+ Free Image Sources for use

NYC Library public domain images

29 places to get free images (Thanks, Vishal Kataria!)

Do you have any  more sources which we have not mentioned here? Do share.

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Happy Blogging!

8 thoughts on “Blogging Tip from the BAR: Using Images in Posts

  1. This is such a useful tip. I prefer using my own picture but that’s not possible always and then using pictures that may not have the right rights, is a risky thing to do. Glad you have the list here. A good source. Thanks for sharing!

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