Wordy Wednesday #3 at B-A-R

We warmly welcome you to Wordy Wednesday at Blog-A-Rhythm.

Before we get to the prompt, I thought I’d share an interesting way to get your posts noticed on Twitter. Bloggers routinely use hashtags to promote their posts. You add the hashtag at the end of your tweet to get it visibility. Recently, I discovered that there are some wonderful hashtags that get you a lot of traffic, based on the day that you tweet your posts. You tweet your post as well as those of others who use the same hashtag. Kind of a win-win situation 🙂

Mark them and tweet your way to glory, fame and riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Or maybe just retweets. 😉

Sundays- #SundayBlogShare curated by @suzie81blog

Mondays- #MondayBlogs Curated by @MondayBlogs 

Wednesday- #wwwblogs (This one’s just for the ladies. Sorry guys) 😉

Do you know of any more? Feel free to add in the comments!

This Week: Word Prompt


This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger, Aditi Kaushiva who blogs here.

Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt.

Make it work for you.

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