#Bloggers, are you ready for the #BarAThon?

Yes, we had disappeared but guess what, we’re back! 😀

Blog-A-Rhythm is proud to present BAR-A-THON, the week-long blogging marathon for bloggers everywhere! Yes, that’s right. A whole week of blogging, keeping in mind the fact that the more we write, the better we get and hey, it’s all about community, right? 🙂


Click here for the image URL for you  to download and save the badge offline

Ready to hear what it involves? Here goes.

WHEN: August 1st, 2016 to August 7th, 2016

WHERE: On your blogs and add your links to the daily linky here on BAR.


Aug 1st: Stranger than fiction
Aug 2nd: What you don’t know
Aug 3rd: Fragile lives
Aug 4th: Caught red-handed
Aug 5th: Tiny shoes
Aug 6th: Wishful thinking
Aug 7th: Promise (to yourself/someone else)


  1. Grab the badge you see above and display it on your post each day/ on your blog’s sidebar. That is the participant badge. *Special nod to Sid Balachandran for the fabulous badge. Isn’t it cool? 🙂
  2. There will be prompts for each day and you are expected to use the prompt given for each day in your post.
  3. How to use the prompts: You can use them in the title of your post OR use them as a theme for the post for each day OR you can use them as part of a sentence in your post. If not in the title, make sure you highlight the prompt used in BOLD font.
  4. Are the prompts mandatory? Yes, they are. Trust me, you can push yourself just a wee bit 🙂
  5. Must you blog everyday? Well, technically, no. You can blog on one day, 3 days, 5 days or all 7. It’s up to you. But only those who blog on ALL 7 days and stick to the prompts will get a shiny WINNER’S badge from us once the challenge is completed.
  6. How many blogs should you visit daily? Again, this is up to you. Think you can manage 5 per day or maybe 10? Go for it. No compulsion.
  7. Is there a word limit for the posts? No, there isn’t, but keeping in mind that we’ll be blog hopping across the web, it makes sense to keep the post short and sweet. Hey, it saves you time too 🙂
  8. Any other rules? If you are on Twitter, share your post with the hash tag #BarAThon and tweet to our handle @blogarhythm1 so we can re-share your posts.
  9. Share this far and wide with your blogger friends and ask them to join the marathon. The more the merrier. Yes! 😀

And. . . that’s it!

Keen on joining the Bar-A-Thon? Well, sign up at this linky today with the link to your blog!

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