The @AprilA2Z 2015- Newbie Speak & Linkup Opens

Has the Valentine’s Day effect worn off yet? Well, not at Blog-A-Rhythm!

Yesterday we told you all about the A-Z veterans who shared why they love blogging all through April. Today we bring you the voices of the newbies! Yes! Let’s hear it for the brave souls who are plunging into this mammoth task , the fire of expectations burning bright in their chests!




Have you signed up your blog/s yet? 

The Newbies

Mayuri Nidigallu

Name of your blog: My blog is called Deliciously Alive ;

First timer at the A – Z challenge here! 🙂 I am attempting this challenge as it seems both exciting and daunting! Whatever you fear you must conquer, has been my motto recently, hence the attempt. I hope to enjoy posting and reading everyone’s posts. All the best to everyone! 🙂

Lata Sunil

Name of your blog:

I have enrolled this year after reading so much about it. I am looking at themes to inspire me. I am apprehensive about going through it as I don’t write daily or to a theme. It’s a big challenge and will hopefully make me more disciplined and focused on writing.

Shilpa Halwe

Name of your blog: Feelings

 This is my first attempt at the A-Z Challenge, and I think I have developed cold feet…already! I participated in NaBloPoMo last year, but, somehow, A-Z seems to be scaring me no end. Nonetheless, I am going to face this challenge and do my very best. So, help me God!

Elly Stornebrink

Name of your blogs:

A-Z first-timer! My expectations or rather hope is that I am able to

(1) write daily

(2) with a theme and

(3) anything else that is required! My hope, ahem, is to write short(er) blogs: HOW do I do that?! (That’s SO challenging from me!!) 😉 ♥

Vinitha Dileep

Name of your blogs:

Void Thoughts –

Reflections –

First timer at AtoZ. I don’t know what to anticipate here. I have started working on my posts but haven’t signed up yet. 🙂 I think I will be signing up only Void Thoughts for AtoZ. Then again, who knows what I will end up doing in 2 months. 🙂

So,are you still debating or have you decided?

Oh and we have more bloggers who will not be doing A-Z on their blogs, but will be contributing a post for the B-A-R blog. Check back soon to know who they are! All will be revealed in the Theme Reveal post for A-Z 2015!

Let’s do this together!

Oh and before I forget, the BAR weekly link up is open, people 🙂

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